"Dream of Barak Valley" Broad Gauge Project; Still "Work in Progress"

Gauge conversion of Lumding-Silchar, Arunachal- Jiribam, Badarpur-Kumarghat from Metre gauge line toBroad gauge. This involves earthwork 677.83 lac cum,major bridges (substructure 95 Nos., superstructure 130Nos.), minor bridges 652 Nos. Tunneling 10650 RMGauge conversion of Lumding-Silchar, Arunachal-Jiribam, Badarpur-Kumarghat from Metre gauge line toBroad gauge. This involves earthwork 677.83 lac cum,major bridges (substructure 95 Nos., superstructure 130Nos.), minor bridges 652 Nos. Tunneling 10650

Silchar – Lumding BG quick facts

  • Prime minister laid the foundation of the gauge conversion project in 1998.
  • Supposed to be completed by 2006
  • Awarded the status of a national project in 2006
  • Bridge over Barak at Badarpur Ghat is built at a cost of Rs 32 crore
  • Delay of six years, which has escalated the total cost of the project from the
  • Originally envisaged Rs 648 crore to Rs 1,800 crore.
  • Once completed, the project will have 31 railway stations between Silchar and Lumding,
  • 255 curves replacing the earlier 544 curves and
  • 20 tunnels instead of 37 tunnels in the metre gauge track.
  • trains can cut their running hours from Silchar and Guwahati from its present 18 hours for a distance of 360km to 8 hours
  • It is being hoped that the project will be commissioned in the latter half of 2012 —RM

Facebook comments:

  • Raju Roy

    I have left the Valley 10 – 12 years back but still attached to it from core of my heart as I have numerous friends and relatives staying in Silchar. Sometimes I get nostalgic when I miss G. C. College, K. V. Masimpur, Premtola, Central Road, Silchar University, my friends and so on. The days at Silchar were my golden days. Presently, due to the nature of my profession it is not possible for me to go frequently to Silchar but whenever I get chance to visit the place, I don’t miss it. I have a tendency to compare the present developmental phase of Silchar / Barak Valley with the past. Surprisingly, I have not noticed any significant changes during my last visit.
    1) The `Yearly Flood’ in Barak Valley is a chronic problem and severe pain to the local people. The government aid is coming in the name of `Flood Control’ and the money vanishes like magic show of P. C. Sarkar and ultimately the poor people suffer. Check out the condition in Rongpur, Udharbandh and others. It’s pathetic. Who is responsible for it and where the fund is going?
    2) The most disgusting roads in India are in the Barak Valley. I don’t know how the people of Barak Valley tolerate these roads. I have seen lot of swimming pools and ponds on the roads and sometime the road appears paddy land to me where people can opt for cultivation of `Rice’. This may help them in raising per capita income of the people of Barak Valley. Hats – off to the local and state government. After every 3-4 years the PWD is giving eyewash to the people by covering the road with a thin layer of stone chips and coal-tar and after each rain the layer becomes invisible.
    3)Most of the Bridges like Rongpur Bridge, Badarpur Bridge, Sonapur Pass and others are becoming death-trap for the locals. What State and Local Governments are doing is a million dollar question.
    4) It is very easy to understand that most of the developmental works are being carried out in Guwahati, Dispur and Upper Assam only. What I presume is that may be the map of Barak Valley is missing in the state map of Assam Government and that’s why they don’t care for the people of Barak Valley. The state government is keeping a step-son attitude towards them.
    5) There are some good Educational Institutes, Colleges and Universities like NIT, SMC&H, Assam University and they are contributing well in nation building. After completion of education all the students, learners and scholars plan to go to Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai and abroad.
    It is because they don’t find any future in the Valley. It is a pure case of brain drain. There is no initiative from the Assam Government to generate employment for the Employable Human Resource of Barak Valley. Where are the Manufacturing Units, Service Sectors, Small Scale industries, self-employment schemes and so on?
    6) Only `trading (procuring material from Delhi, Mumbai, Haryana, Gujarat and selling them to the locals at high profits)’ by a particular group of people from Rajasthan can make them richer but cannot improve the socio-economical condition of the people of Barak Valley. Some of my local UG and PG degree holder friends are working in these Small Family Businesses as Accountant or Babu’s for last 8-10 years and earning Rs. 4500/- till date. Is this the destination of my local friends? The local businessman should get a fair chance to compete with our Rajasthani and Gujraati brothers. It is the responsibility of the Assam Government to provide such environment for the people of the Valley.
    7) Barak Valley is the hub of most inefficient and corrupted MLA’s (Member of Legislative Assembly) and MP’s (Member of Parliament) who only think about their Swiss Bank Account, Bungalow or Apartments in Guwahati – Kolkata – Delhi – Mumbai – UK – USA and Dollars (black – money). They are the Perfect Foot-Lickers of Powerful Ministers and the `Last Bench Students’ in the Assembly / Parliament. They have a very poor communication skill (can’t speak proper English, Hindi, Bengali and Assamees) and that’s why they can’t express their opinion and raise the problems of Barak Valley in the Assembly / Parliament. Moreover, they don’t do any home-work so they don’t have any issues in relation to the Valley. They are the perfect `yes’ boys to their bosses. They are / were elected by the people of Barak Valley in present and past but what they are doing / have done for the upliftment of the people of the Valley. Absolutely nothing!!!
    There are many more issues like railways, cultural development, drinking water, sports, industries and others. Just think on them.

  • Prabodh Kurmi

    Its surprising that neither Central Govt nor State Govt is serious about the broad gauge project from Guwahati to Silchar. The Minister’s from Silchar are travelling through AIR only becos they are VIP and having huge amount of money. They don’t bother about the development of Silchar, even they don’t bother to listen the difficulties of common people. During the time election they remember common people and we the people of barak valley entertaining them. We should boycott the election and ask these worthless Netas first complete the broad gauge then come vote. In this we should fight as PEOPLE OF BARAK VALLEY.

  • http://barakvalley-silchar.webs.com barakvalley-silchar

    In Railway Budget,no mention of Silchar-Lumding broad gauge project – it’ll remain a pipedream for us.We are doomed to suffer – the coward lot !!

  • uday roy

    I am surprised vai. carry on your job & best of luck

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